Mountadam Vineyards

Helen McCarthy
18 November 2016
Growing Season Update

It's been a cool damp start to the 2017 growing season.  While we are looking forward to sheding layers of clothing, we are pleased to see our dams completely full at the start of the season.  Bud burst started first in late August in our Chardonnay blocks.  Thanks to several cold snaps the vines slowed down, bud burst and subsequent development was slow.   Warm weather has finally arrived in early November (fingers crossed it stays around) and the vines are now racing along. 

Our main focus in the vineyard at the moment is ensuring our preventative sprays are up to date.  We are also managing grasses and weeds in the vineyard that are benefiting from this years growing season conditions.  Sally is spending most of her time in the vineyard doing pest and disease monitioring and yield estimates. 



18/11/2016 at 9:54 AM
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