Water Usage

All water used in the winery and vineyard irrigation is rainwater collected on the property. No mains or bore water is used on the property.

Water Treatment

All water is treated on site in treatment ponds and recycled

Solar Power

Solar panels have been installed at the winery and farm sheds throughout the property to facilitate at least 50% of the property’s annual consumption.


Our black Suffolk sheep are grazed in the vineyard in the late Autumn and Winter months. Having sheep in the vineyard reduces the need for labour and machinery use within the vineyard as the sheep contribute to weed management, under vine growth, reducing soil compaction and provide organic fertiliser. The reduction in the use of machinery within the vineyard over the winter months cuts down on fuel cost and greenhouse gas emissions.


A by-product of wine production is Grape Marc. After pressing, all grape marc is fed out to our Angus cattle. This reduces waste from the winery and offers feed for our livestock.